Halloween of Guild Wars 2

The Guild Wars 2’s Halloween in this year almost no change with previous years except the weapon skins been exchanged by Black Lion Claim Ticket and the small pet/items been provided by Candy Corn vendors.
Halloween as a regular holiday for guild wars 2 which will definitely meet with players at the end of October in every year since 2012.At present there are two versions of the guild wars 2 Halloween,one is Blood and Madness,the other is Shadow of the Mad King .The former tell us a story of the bloody prince.Players need to go to the Nolani Academy ruins which located in the northeast of black citadel and crush bloody prince’s conspiracy of a resurrection.The latter is about the background of the mad king story. Players can go trick-or-treating in the Mad King’s region and feeling the mischief and moodiness of him.
New stuffs in the Black Lion trading company:
1.six bran-new Eye Colors are added in total makeover kit
2.Gargoyle Weapon Set start to to sell,each can be exchanged by one Black Lion Claim Ticket
3. Candy Corn Gobbler Pack(For a limited time)
4.Black Wings Glider Combo
5.Mad King’s Outfit(For a limited time)
6.Mad King Dye Kit(For a limited time)
7.Ghoul Backpack and Mini Set(For a limited time)
8.During Halloween,past Halloween miniature can be purchased by Black Lion Miniature Claim Ticket

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