Guild wars 2 background story shipwreck gere met magnus

Ship is slowly sinking, little Allen Kiel curled up in her parents' bed, waiting for them to come back. The black wave of the sea rising. Flashing dirty oily ripples in the water, and when the sea to her toes, she can only feel cold, very cold. Allen tried to squeeze into the corner. The inside of the cabinet door is opened tilt, items: clothing, toiletries, books and so on all fall out. It all splashed down into the water, slowly sinking is missing. "Mom?"Allen call. "Mom, where are you?"A huge moan from a distance, the ship creaked. "Mama!"Relentless sea slowly from the bottom up filled the entire ship chamber, and the walls began to tilt. Involuntary body trembling, Alan struggled in the water. Her tears mixed with the salt water and is with her disappear in the boundless sea. 

When the water is going to engulf her, Ellen promised god forever to be a good girl, as long as can come back her parents pick her up, please, she silently praying, I will be very good!It suddenly occurred to one of the powerful forces around her ankles, drag her down. She almost cried out in fear or hope, but she quickly submerged in the water, sea water has made her nose. She began coughing and choking, swallow water at the same time. During the before her, her head was above the water, she inhaled a mouthful of air. Her lungs and stomach began to repel the water inside the body. A brawny arm around her waist, keeping her head emerged, a hoarse voice shouted in her ear, "in this way, the water cough out, you will be fine. "

Allen holding took her in his arms to grace. Her fingers clutched his hair, until he brought her to the lifeboats, and wrapped with a blanket, or refused to let go. "No matter the child," he said. "What's your name?""Allen. ""My name is magnus, your parents still on the boat?"Ellen nodded. "Mom and dad". "We have been looking for them. Let others will be fine. You can let go of me. "Magnus try to use the hand gently pry her hands. "No!"Allen is more fast. "Okay, okay. "Magnus continue to put her in her arms. "Fear can be good day today. Tomorrow and the rest of the time you need to learn how to be brave."

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