Guild wars 2 Living World content explanation

The queen was crowned anniversary is the theme of the Living World.It not only to celebrate the queen to rule the tenth anniversary, Jenny has to celebrate rita region of the tenacity of a human when they face the difficulty.Crown the pavilion and the queen challenge activity will remain open throughout the month.

Hot air balloons: the queen has sent the tyria world major racial VIP invitation letter.These leaders will travel through the hot-air balloon to rita area, you can find them in all regions of the open world, bay, of course, in addition to the south German and European continent.You can find these balloons in far away places, at the same time has also increased the minimap red balloons as the small icon.A conversation with the hot air balloon pilot will make you into a plot.In the event you will need to resist the blade of the etheric pirate attacks, escort the dignitaries to hot air balloon ride in points.This event can be a single SOLO, events and maps of rank correlation grade, once every 5-10 minutes.

Beacon light activity: within the city of god everywhere, you can find the torchbearers (and heralds the same map symbol), and he will help you to enter a mini game.This activity is similar to the racing game, before the timer goes some beacon lit cory tower.This activity is guild wars 1 zhongke rita lighthouse's return.This mini activity is not as simple as imagined, if you follow the path of system to guide sign you will most likely are not be completed before you run out of time.Instead, you need to play in the process of thinking to find a shortcut to some cities.Many times to complete the mini game will get a achievement - Flame of Kryta, a permanent torch props will be able to let you in the dark place lighting (similar to jump puzzles).

Crown pavilion: the collapse of the ruins have been rebuilding to crown the pavilion, is hit to cause a giant eagle on the top of the modelling of wings, became a major landmark of human beings.Crown pavilion by mechanical cavalry protection, new mechanical cavalry are designed to protect the queen, to make up for the inadequacy of the blazing angels guard guards and cabinet.You can enter to participate in various activities in the pavilion, you can also pass a personal drama counterpart to know many familiar characters: Lord Faren, Countess Anise, Logan Thackacy, Queen Jennah, Braham and Rox.The personal copy will introduce you to some background and story.

Crown hall is a large building, it has two layers and six areas.The first layer as the site of the team activities, and the second layer is 1 v1 arena HuoDongDian - queen challenges (see below).In the middle of the ring contains within each object and a medal for businessmen.The pavilion in the crown of the six regional grid you can find the enemy of human past, respectively in the centaur, pirates, flame legion, ogre, the destroyer and bandits.These are not human to look for the enemy, but illusion division made again.Each area can accommodate 20-30 players, you can often see two team leader events occurred in the pavilion.When the BOSS team events exist, they will bring to the whole area of players harmful effect.

Pirate captain will be separated for a period of time is for you.Bandit leader will bomb, when you step on them would explode.The destroyer leaders will enable you to heat up, this will enable you to reduce endurance regeneration.The team BOSS design will make in a lot of players to participate in incident cases also has the challenge is difficult.Many of them contains strong AOE ability, can completely destroy a large number of blind players together.These events will reward you to participate in the activities of the queen challenge tickets and mechanical gear (convertible items of MEDALS). 

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