A club issued Guild wars 2 development plan battle in the second half of 2013

In January this year when we discussed, do about guild wars 2 want to be in 2013 years.Until now the time has passed half a year, we think it is time to update our current situation, we will discuss some more detailed in the second half of 2013 will be seen in the system.

The Living World and two weeks to update a plan

At the beginning of this year, we talked about were Living World in guild wars 2 design for this new concept, we want to continued to extend the program, with the progress of the time, we will make him become more frequent and has a larger scale.We have learned a lot, we will with two weeks to update a plan to extend the game world, teri and our goal is to be turned into a world full of vitality.We will also be our single life world construction team at first, expanded several times in a very short period of time, there are four team is responsible for updating the life world, and its quantity in the second half of the year will also increase.We will continue to expand team to push us every game version of the theme development.

As our Living World version of the extension, making guild wars 2 be growing game on real significance.In the future, you will see a wider range of content and experience in each of the updated version, we will strengthen the construction of the permanent content.You will see in the updated version introduced each new updates, but we are the generalization of some key content, including we will improve our BOSS in the world, and continue to update and improve our copy and debris fractal, building bigger, more lasting influence world events and expanding the number of dynamic events on the world map.In addition, we also will let players like festival celebrations and super adventure box, mix in our Living World software update in return, although the second half of the update is the focus of the permanent and more according to the influence of the content.

Advanced game content

In January we mentioned a core content in the post, but until now all have no mention of the relevant information and progress.We noticed that when there is a pink equipment players put forward a lot of problems, but what is the core of future rewards with Guild wars 2 Gold?

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