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Why buy Guild Wars 2 Gold at GW2SALE?
The satisfaction of our customers is our objective. Therefore, we constantly improve our services to offer a great shopping experience when purchasing services for the games, such as currencies, items, and so on. Delivery is completed very quickly after the payment of the order is successful.

What is Delivery Type?
The restriction of receiving 500g per week is really annoying. We’ve prepared more tradeable hot items,you can reference product "tp sell price" sold in trading post. get to more gold.This is best delivrey method now.  

What do we guarantee?
The safety of your account is something that really matters to us, so you can definitely trust us to make sure all transactions are smoothly performed.
Please fill in your character name and Contact Email carefully and correctly which is your in-game name before you clicked checkout button, The correctly information will make your order runs smoothly and efficiently.
For any question regarding your order, please feel free to contact our 24/7 Live Support.
200 GW2 Gold200 GW2 Gold
300 GW2 Gold300 GW2 Gold
400 GW2 Gold400 GW2 Gold
500 GW2 Gold500 GW2 Gold
800 GW2 Gold800 GW2 Gold
1000 GW2 Gold1000 GW2 Gold

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kubilay :
since 2015-2016 you are the best seller you know :)thanks for lead
Agnieszka :
Quickly helped me solve my issue, was very polite and understanding. Thank you!
Debast :
That was very fast ,I will make this my regular service.thank you so much
Lunafreya :
Great job ,I got him.Thanks <3
Sphinx :
Great that I heard the order went through from email, epic service once again :D

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