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TP Sell: 99  

TP Sell: 99  

TP Sell: 99  

TP Sell: 99  

TP Sell: 100  

TP Sell: 109  

TP Sell: 140  

TP Sell: 149  

TP Sell: 149  

TP Sell: 150  

TP Sell: 168  

TP Sell: 179  

TP Sell: 186  

TP Sell: 199  

TP Sell: 199  

TP Sell: 200  

TP Sell: 229  

TP Sell: 234  

TP Sell: 239  

TP Sell: 241  

TP Sell: 248  

TP Sell: 250  

TP Sell: 250  

TP Sell: 250  

TP Sell: 288  

TP Sell: 295  

TP Sell: 324  

TP Sell: 627  

'No Available
'No Available
'No Available
'No Available
'No Available
'No Available
'No Available
'No Available
Recipe: Feast of Clam Cakes
Recipe: Pot of Orrian Truffle and Meat Stew
  • TP Sell: 99  

Recipe: Satchel of Rampager's Masquerade Armor (Rare)
Recipe: Box of Honed Splint Armor
  • TP Sell: 99  

Recipe: Satchel of Hunter's Leather Armor
Recipe: Satchel of Hunter's Leather Armor (Master)
  • TP Sell: 99  

Glacial Teal Dye
Shiver Sea Dye
Deep Glacial Sky Dye
Glacial Sky Dye
Shiver Sky Dye
Flame Dye
Molten Dye
Pyre Dye
Flare Dye
Cinders Dye
Charred Dye
Caustic Dye
Algae Dye
Acid Dye
Acrid Dye
Blacklight Dye
Cobolt Dye
Cyanide Dye
Limonite Dye
Vincent Dye
Violite Dye
Recipe: Light of Dwayna
Amenity Dye
Fling Dye
Onset Dye
Perseverance Dye
Prosperity Dye
Recall Dye
Recipe: Keeper's Tassets
Enameled Legacy Dye
Enameled Solitude Dye
Recipe: Chaos of Lyssa
Vintage Silver Dye
Dry Silver Dye
Gold Fusion Dye
Matriarch Brass Dye
Golden Sheen Dye
Permafrost Dye
Recipe: Zehtuka's Epaulets
Recipe: Zehtuka's Warfists
Recipe: Zehtuka's Masque
Recipe: Zehtuka's Shoulderguard
Recipe: Zehtuka's Visor
Recipe: Zehtuka's Pauldrons
Recipe: Zehtuka's Guise
Recipe: Zehtuka's Grips
Recipe: Zehtuka's Tassets
Sand Shark Dye
Iboga Dye
Hydra Dye
Urn Dye
Scourge Dye
Tar Dye
Vabbian Bronze Dye
Sarcophagus Dye
Abyssal Forest Dye
Bloom Dye
Nightmare Dye
Recipe: Tray of Banana Cream Pies
Enameled Brass Dye
Enameled Amenity Dye
Carnage Orange Dye
Harrowing Maroon Dye
Ember Red Dye
Murky Grey Dye
Phthalo Blue Dye
Bloodstone Indigo
Bloodstone Coral
Bloodstone Dark Indigo
Bloodstone Dark Violet
Bloodstone Dark Coral
Bloodstone Violet
Blue Orchid Dye
Ruby Red Dye
Magenta Dye
Pumpkin Orange Dye
Daybreak Dye
Midnight Bronze Dye
Blue Whale Dye
Glossy Black Dye
Silver Satin Dye
Rose Gold Dye
Scorched Dye
Bloody Red Dye
Sunfire Lava Dye
Destroyer Orange Dye
Incandescent Dye
Magma Dye
Core Ice Dye
Frostbite Green Dye
Frostbite Blue Dye
Eternal Ice Dye
Recipe: Zehtuka's Leggings
Oasis Dye
Sulfur Dye
Ruin Dye
Sandstorm Dye
Grave Dye
Darkness Dye
Abyssal Sea Dye
Choya Dye
Desert Harpy Dye
Jacaranda Dye
Embalm Dye
Arid Dye
Auric Dye
Jungle Dye
Celestial Dye
Deep Glacial Teal Dye
Enameled Sky Dye
Enameled Reign Dye
Enameled Jungle Dye
Enameled Crimson Dye
Enameled Emblaze Dye
Enameled Perseverance Dye
Enameled Generation Dye
Enameled Sacrifice Dye
Enameled Longevity Dye
Enameled Anamnesis Dye
Electro Pink Dye
Electro Lemon Dye
Electro Purple Dye
Electro Blue Dye
Electro Peach Dye
Electro Lime Dye
Glint's Crystal Dye
Glint's Ambition Dye
Glint's Rebellion Dye
Glint's Isolation Dye
Glint's Purview Dye
Glint's Sanctuary Dye
Golden Lion Dye
Imperial Gold Dye
Aureus Dye
Imperial Red Dye
Crimson Lion Dye
Rosewood Dye
Recipe: Keeper's Masque
Recipe: Keeper's Breastplate
Recipe: Keeper's Greaves
Recipe: Keeper's Striders
Recipe: Keeper's Artifact
Recipe: Box of Berserker's Barbaric Armor (Master)
  • TP Sell: 100  

Recipe: Feast of Bean Salad
  • TP Sell: 109  

Recipe: Box of Knight's Gladiator Armor (Rare)
  • TP Sell: 140  

Recipe: Box of Cleric's Gladiator Armor (Rare)
  • TP Sell: 149  

Recipe: Keeper's Pauldrons
Recipe: Box of Apothecary's Draconic Armor
  • TP Sell: 150  

Recipe: Box of Giver's Splint Armor
  • TP Sell: 168  

Recipe: Keeper's Footwear
Shadow Abyss Dye
Recipe: Box of Assassin's Gladiator Armor (Rare)
  • TP Sell: 199  

Recipe: Keeper's Breeches
Recipe: Keeper's Shoulderguard
  • TP Sell: 200  

Recipe: Pot of Butternut Squash Soup
  • TP Sell: 229  

Recipe: Box of Knight's Draconic Armor (Exotic)
  • TP Sell: 234  

Recipe: Feast of Fire Salsa
  • TP Sell: 239  

Recipe: Feast of Mango Salsa
  • TP Sell: 241  

Recipe: Keeper's Wand
Recipe: Keeper's Trident
Recipe: Satchel of Berserker's Masquerade Armor (Rare)
  • TP Sell: 250  

Recipe: Box of Berserker's Draconic Armor (Exotic)
  • TP Sell: 250  

Recipe: Infinite Aetherized Tonic
  • TP Sell: 288  

Recipe: Keeper's Warhammer
Recipe: Keeper's Reaver
Recipe: Bowl of Sweet and Spicy Butternut Squash Soup
  • TP Sell: 627  

Recipe: Satchel of Giver's Emblazoned Armor
  • 'No Available
Recipe: Box of Giver's Draconic Armor
  • 'No Available
Recipe: Box of Cleric's Draconic Armor (Exotic)
  • 'No Available
Recipe: Box of Assassin's Draconic Armor (Exotic)
  • 'No Available
Recipe: Tray of Mango Pies
  • 'No Available
Recipe: Feast of Lemongrass Poultry
  • 'No Available
Recipe: Box of Valkyrie Draconic Armor (Exotic)
  • 'No Available
Recipe: Keeper's Greatbow
  • 'No Available

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