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TP Sell: 113  

TP Sell: 569  

TP Sell: 1085  

TP Sell: 6999  

Poly-luminescent Undulating Refractor (Green)

Superior Sigil of Air
Superior Sigil of Concentration
Poly-luminescent Undulating Refractor (Black)
Poly-luminescent Undulating Refractor (Orange)

Superior Sigil of Karka Slaying
  • TP Sell: 113  

+15 Agony Infusion
+16 Agony Infusion
Preserved Queen Bee

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Draw :
Friendly support all went smoothly, delivered in about a day, I recommend ty candy
Asriel :
Very nice and secure. Would recommend anytime.
Lovelace :
Secure service -- did take over a day for delivery. Overall would recommend.
vorz :
Nice website, serious persons, fast and all good. congrats. bought gold and all is good. Nice website.
Rost :
Very nice, fast, security +10

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