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TP Sell: 53.7  

TP Sell: 99.475  

TP Sell: 68  

TP Sell: 76.125  

TP Sell: 57.5  

TP Sell: 62.625  

TP Sell: 31.775  

TP Sell: 379.825  

TP Sell: 57.764  

TP Sell: 61.71  

TP Sell: 64.836  

TP Sell: 39.493  

TP Sell: 37.5  

TP Sell: 60.23  

TP Sell: 59.68  

TP Sell: 2.05  

TP Sell: 39.95  

Glob of Ectoplasm*250
Vial of powerful Blood*250
  • TP Sell: 99.475  

Armored Scale*250
Elaborate Totem*250
Powerful Venom Sac*250
Vicious Fang*250
Pile of Crystalline Dust*250
  • TP Sell: 31.775  

Mystic Coin*250
Deldrimor Steel Ingot*10
  • TP Sell: 57.764  

Onyx Lodestone*100
Elonian Leather Square*10
  • TP Sell: 64.836  

Bolt of Damask*10
Opal Orb*250
Charged Lodestone*100
Molten Lodestone*100
Charged Core*100
Sheet of Charged Ambrite*100
  • TP Sell: 39.95  

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HAvitURway :
Great Service! congrats on great customer service!
Firebottle :
Thanks for the easy & convenient service!
yminey :
Absolutely the best service and very safe transaction. When you have the money but not the time to farm, this is the place to buy in game items. Will be using them going forward.
Omre :
Great service, I'm satisfied. It took them some time to prepare transaction which was pretty big, I admit, but the customer support is really good and at the end they gave more more gold than I've ordered as a gift.
ñ_ñ :
Excellent service! Recommend

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