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Glob of Ectoplasm*250
Vial of powerful Blood*250
Armored Scale*250
Elaborate Totem*250
Powerful Venom Sac*250
Vicious Fang*250
Pile of Crystalline Dust*250
Mystic Coin*250
Deldrimor Steel Ingot*10
Onyx Lodestone*100
Elonian Leather Square*10
Bolt of Damask*10
Opal Orb*250
Charged Lodestone*100
Molten Lodestone*100
Charged Core*100
Sheet of Charged Ambrite*100

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hahah :
thank you man
tyler :
thanks so much love ur site buying from here now
tyler :
thanks so much u the best:) love this site
Crabtree :
you guys been really great when it comes to guildwars 2 and guildwars. its the reason i keep shopping with you guys.
Insufficient :
AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE.received my order.Thanks

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