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10 Golden Flame of Balthazar
20 Golden Flame of Balthazar
30 Golden Flame of Balthazar
50 Golden Flame of Balthazar
80 Golden Flame of Balthazar
100 Golden Flame of Balthazar
150 Golden Flame of Balthazar
200 Golden Flame of Balthazar
300 Golden Flame of Balthazar
500 Golden Flame of Balthazar
 Double-click to gain 3000 Balthazar faction.
Buy Guild Wars Golden Flame of Balthazar
You will receive the ordered amount of GW Golden Flame of Balthazar for your character in Guild Wars.
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If we have your order in stock, we will delivery it with in 15-30 minutes. If you are in a hurry to get the goods, you can check the stock before place the order in our Livechat.

Customers Testimonials

Nicknameless :
Bought the ZKeys and about 2min later I got them in game. That's what I call fast!
Dae :
Great service. Excellent CS. You know it's good when you mess up your own order, and they can refund and direct you to right location for stuff you are looking for. I plan on using this service again many more times down the road.
Brushy :
This is my first time ordering on gw2sale.Very fast and remarkable service! Way better than other sites I have used in the past. I was afraid at first but they are very reliable! but the guys delivery my gw items in 5min .Amazing !! 12/10. I will be ordering again;D
Darkness :
Really great service. Love them. Quick and Professional. Always know they will deliver even when its long been than (5-15mins). I see myself as a loyal customer here. Thank you!
dracula likes bloo :
really surpriced how cheap platinum was. i remember how hard it was to earn even 100 and now 300 cost about 1 dollar. Crazy !! :D delivery took about 5 mins

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