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Eternal Shield (Req 9 Strength)
Eternal Shield (Req 9 Strength)
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Eternal Shield (Req 9 Tactics)
Eternal Shield (Req 9 Tactics)
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Eternal Shield (Req 9 Command)
Eternal Shield (Req 9 Command)
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Eternal Shield (Req 9 Motivation)
Eternal Shield (Req 9 Motivation)
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Buy Guild Wars Eternal Shield
You will receive the ordered amount of GW Eternal Shield for your character in Guild Wars.
Delivery time:
We will deliver it with in 15-30 minutes. If you are in a hurry to get the goods, you can check the stock before placed the order in our Livechat.
Meeting point in Guild Wars:
There are different meeting points in the game, depending on the Guild Wars version you use.
Guild Wars (Standard):
Ascalon City, American District 1 at the Xunlai Chest.
Guild Wars Factions:
Shong Jea Monastery, American District 1 at the Xunlai Chest.
Guild Wars Nightfall:
Kamadan, Jewel of Istan, American District 1 at the Xunlai Chest.
Guild Wars PVP-Only Character:
Great Temple of Balthazar, American District 1 at the Xunlai Chest.
Product Descriptions:
The Eternal Shield is a translucent green-tinted shield patterned with the horns of Grenth.
The Domain of Anguish is the only place where several Underworld-related items, like this shield, may drop with inscriptions. However, even non-inscribable versions of the shield dropped there can be upgraded with Shield Handles.
Inscribable versions can still be found in the Chest of Woe and the Zaishen Chest.
This shield has a slight clipping error when held by a Warrior wearing Primeval Armor or Monument Armor.
With Chaos Gloves equipped, characters will appear handless while looking through the shield.
The two symbols on the shield are available as icons for the guild cape.

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Esports Champion :
I was skeptical at first, but the delivery was quick and the seller was very nice.
Aiolos :
Highly recommend this site. Instant deliveries! Safe!
colten :
amazing as always glad we solved the problem.
Mark Stassler :
this website is professional and really cheap. thx
Answer :
I was honestly very scared at first, but they live up to their reputation and they are VERY fast at providing what you ordered. I will 100% buy from here again. Furthermore, customer services chat is very helpful and very quick to respond, great job guys!

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