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  • Order last night was about 15 - 20 minutes maybe. Today.. it was very fast. Less than 5 minutes perhaps. Both times, they were pleasant to work with. Items as described.


  • Bought an item it arrived about 5hrs after the team of checkout.

    Happy Camper

  • Fast delivery, less than 15 min, I got what I needed ! Will buy more in the future, thanks !!!!!!!!!


  • Took more than 24 hours, however support did explained why the delivery has been delayed and support was also very helpful. customer service was fast and nice and I was happy to make a purchase in here and plan to make more in the future:). Thank you gw2sale happy to do business with you.

    Someone on earth

  • It took several hours but I received the item as promised. Cant wait to recommend this site to my friends really cheap and worth it! Thanks!!

    GW2 player

  • Always fast, trustable and good price. The best to be geared.


  • Ordered 1K golds, few seconds later support contacted me to "change" order for items (safer way) and they sent me DUSK + 500 Ecto, awesome!


  • Fast delivery, less than one hour and I got what I needed ! Will buy more in the future, thanks again !


  • A very fast delivery (in several minutes) and nice support thank you ! :)


  • Keep this up guys, will order more in the future.

    Told you

  • Fast delivery, and on time. Will buy more in the future.


  • Fast and helpful, my character couldn't travel to nf so we met at balthasar'z. very kind :D


  • Love it!


  • Was fast and efficient. Great :)


  • My new Favorite 10/10


  • Tried this site and received my item in a couple of hours, very reliable service,the chat option is extremely useful, they answered all my questions when I asked the timeframe to deliver. I was impressed.


  • I had to wait a little bit cause I've ordered 500gold and arrived after 20h. Very Cool deal anyway 5*

    Akka Sise

  • best place to buy gold


  • The Customer Service that I received from the Support Agent, Candy, was excellent. She was able to answer all my questions about my order quickly. I will definitely return to this site in the future and make more orders just because of her perfessionalism. I am definately a satisfied customer!


  • one of the best sites ever


  • did a test order, got my stuff in 3 minutes placed a second much larger order, took 7 minutes. will use them again


  • Very fast transfer, very good customer service. Very trustworthy. Absolutely recommendable. Top top top!


  • Made an expensive order and it was all confirmed and sorted within the hour. Trustworthy, efficient and brilliant customer service. Prices might be a little higher than others but it's worth it for piece of mind. Don't buy from anywhere else!


  • Fast and efficient, expensive order was delivered within an hour. Thanks guys!


  • I just waited for a minute! Really good service, ty


  • Took maybe 30 seconds to get my order!


  • Was wondering if it was actually going to happen, messaged support and got a reply straight away! Will shop again :)


  • Great costumer service.


  • Order an 2 minutes later i got it, i contacted the supplier after ordering they were very polite about everything made sure i was updated on the process. 10/10!!


  • Love these guys and how quick they are. Always delivered within 5 minutes. :)


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