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  • i got my key in under 20 min as a first timer client nice support on live chat and fast delivery really good thank you


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  • WOW!! you guy answer me qucikly and make me lose every question about my order it so safe and easy


  • Yet another pleasant transaction Thanks John


  • Really great service. I would defiantly recommend their service to everyone i know. Keep up the work, and you'll get a lot of customers!


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  • the gold is so cheap, because of this site, I enjoy the game freedom


  • Excellent Service, gave me everything they could when it was available and long before the time was up :) Thank you, will shop here again


  • It requires a bit more time than predicted but all in all I think the costs are inexpensive so excellent site


  • quick and fast delivery great price and great service


  • very fast delivery, got my gold in less than 2 mins and you can not beat the price it's a very good service


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