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Guild Wars 2 Guide to Fighting Elementalist in PvP

Welcome to the Guild Wars 2 guide, either you are a new player or have been playing and need some tips, you are in the right place. Now you must have chosen your class and profession to play and like others, each class has its own unique traits, skills or mechanics, and all that stuff. Now the tricky part is that due to this uniqueness, different classes pose a threat to each other that too especially in the PvP mode. Elementalist is one of them and it sure does cause a lot of problems to players. That is why we are here to give you everything you need to defeat them. 

Now, Elementalists are masters of 4 elements (fire, water, etc.) and have an arsenal of equally amazing and devastating spells with them. They can deal massive damage, heal allies, control enemies, or apply conditions. They are also very versatile and can switch between different roles depending on the situation. However, they are definitely not invincible. They have low defense, limited weapon choices, and long cooldowns on their attunement swapping. They also rely on their positioning and timing to use their skills effectively. To defeat them you need to know what are their strengths and weaknesses and how can you counter them in PvP. So we will be giving you a lot of tips to help you as well as some mistakes to avoid here.

Guild Wars 2 Elementalist

Some tips and strategies

Here are some tips and strategies to help you fight Elementalists in PvP:

  • Know their attunements. Each element has a distinct color and icon that shows up on their skill bar and above their head. Fire is red, water is blue, air is yellow, and earth is brown. By paying attention to their attunement, you can anticipate what kind of skills they will use and how to react to them. For example, if they are in fire attunement, they will likely use skills that deal direct damage and cause burning. If they are in water attunement, they will likely use skills that heal themselves and their allies. If they are in air attunement, they will likely use skills that stun or knock back enemies. If they are in earth attunement, they will likely use skills that apply for bleeding or protection.

  • Interrupt their skills. Elementalists have many skills that have a cast time or a channel time. These skills can be interrupted by using crowd control effects such as stun, daze, knockdown, pull, or fear. Interrupting their skills can prevent them from dealing damage, healing themselves or allies, or applying conditions. It can also put their skills on cooldown, limiting their options for a while. Some examples of interruptible skills are Meteor Showers, Healing Rain, Lightning Surges, and Magnetic Grasp.

  • Focus them down. Elementalists have low health and armor compared to other classes. They also have limited ways to escape or evade attacks. This makes them vulnerable to burst damage and focus fire. If you can coordinate with your team to target an Elementalist and deal enough damage to them quickly, you can take them out before they can heal themselves or switch attunements. Some classes that are good at bursting down Elementalists are thieves, warriors, guardians, and Mesmer.

  • No one wants to be handicapped while fighting enemies. You will feel the same if you get caught in one of their many conditions such as burning, bleeding, chill, weakness, crippling, and vulnerability. So here you need to remove them as quickly as possible so use classes like the guardian, ranger, engineer, etc. as they have good condition removal. Another thing to be careful about is the ability to stun or knock you back with skills like Updraft, Shocking Aura, Magnetic Wave, and Gale. So, counter them by using skills to break stun or give stability to you and your allies.

  • One of the main weaknesses of the Elementalists is that they cannot detect or chase the enemies that effectively. Of course, you need to use this advantage through stealth and mobility as it can help you be undetected, and through your fast movement, you can go close to them to deal that damage or avoid one if you go far away. Now the classes you can use here are thief, mesmer, ranger, etc. 

  • Adapt to their build and playstyle. Elementalists can specialize in different builds and playstyles with their elite specializations and traits. They can become tempests, who overload their attunements for powerful effects and use shouts to aid allies. They can become weavers, who wield two attunements at once and combine their effects into dual attacks. They can become catalysts, who cycle through the attunements to power up their jade sphere and manifest the four Canthan great celestials to provide boons to allies. Each of these builds and playstyles has its strengths and weaknesses that you need to adapt to. For example, tempests are more supportive and defensive than other Elementalists, but they also have longer cooldowns on their attunement swapping and overloads. Weavers are more versatile and complex than other Elementalists, but they also have less access to each element and dual attacks. Catalysts are more offensive and boons oriented than other Elementalists, but they also have less control and healing than other Elementalists.

You will have to obtain various equipment to successfully fight Elementalist in Guild Wars 2. For the same, you will have to make in-game purchases that will require you to spend Gold, the in-game currency of Guild Wars 2. If you are falling short of it, the best way to get it for real money from reputed and trusted seller GW2Sale.

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Mistakes to avoid

Some mistakes to avoid while fighting Elementalist are:

  • Placing conditions on them when they are in water attunement, as they can easily cleanse them with their skills.

  • Using burst damage on them when they are in earth attunement, as they can mitigate it with their protection and toughness.

  • Wasting your dodges and defensive cooldowns when they are in fire and air attunements, as they can deal high damage and stun you with their skills.

  • Playing passively when they are in fire and water attunements, as they can heal themselves and allies and deal direct damage with their skills.

  • Not paying attention to their visual cues and AoE skills, as they can catch you off guard with their effects.

  • Not using stealth and mobility to surprise them or escape from them, as they have limited ways to detect or chase you.

  • Not exploiting their cooldowns on their attunement swapping and utility skills, as they cannot switch between elements or use certain skills as often as other classes.

  • Not adapting to their build and playstyle, as they can specialize into different roles with their elite specializations and traits.

Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Guide


Fighting an Elementalist in Guild Wars 2 can be challenging, but not impossible. By following these tips and tricks, you can improve your chances of winning against these classes. Remember to identify their attunement, interrupt their skills, avoid their damage, and counter their defenses. We have discussed some tips to guide you to victory and also given some mistakes to avoid so keep an eye on that as well. Of course, this guide is not exhaustive and there may be other factors and variables that can affect the outcome of a fight. Therefore, you should always be ready to adjust your tactics and learn from your mistakes. The best way to master the art of fighting Elementalists is to practice and experiment with different builds and scenarios. By doing so, you can discover new ways to counter them and have more fun in the game.

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