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Archlord 2

ArchLord 2
ArchLord 2 is a fantasy MMORPG developed by NHN Corporation and Codemasters Online Gaming. The game was released in 07/08/2014.

The game Archlord 2 (ArchLord2) mainly described under the light, the Azuni faction (Humans and Dragonscion) and the Crunn faction (Orcs and Moonelves) in order to compete for the origin of the world's energy, launched an endless war. Players must choose the Azuni faction or the Crunn faction.

Archlord 2 includes occupation war, siege warfare, destruction of war, dungeons etc PVE and PVP content. The Archlord 2 classes system just like the Aura Kingdom, characters skills determined by the choice of weapons. In the game When a character lands a killing blow on monsters while having a certain weapon equipped, this type of weapon gains experience. When enough experience is accumulated, the weapon's level will increase.

Archlord 2 offers fun and exciting PvP action for all players! Join the battle and compete to become the Archlord, the supreme ruler of the world!
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